Thursday, January 27, 2011

Evening Beauty Tips

Taking even a few minutes for a nighttime facial routine can improve the health and beauty of your skin.

By Linda Formichelli

Wash Your Face at Night
Stop! Don't slip into bed sans cleansing. Your makeup grinds into your skin all night, causing breakouts and even stretching out the pores, which makes your skin look older. Ginn recommends an oil-based makeup remover, which can handle even waterproof mascara without tugging delicate skin. Use a cotton pad to sweep the makeup remover over your skin, and follow up with a gentle face cleanser.

Boost Collagen With Vitamin A
As you get older, collagen production in your skin decreases. "If you never stopped making collagen and never damaged collagen, you would never get a wrinkle, your pores would stay small, you'd never get a scar, and your skin would stay nice and tight," says Ginn. "Collagen is key." To stimulate collagen production, which will help smooth fine lines and reduce the appearance of pores, Ginn recommends applying vitamin A in the form of either a prescription or over-the-counter retinoid every night. As a bonus, retinoids can help lighten brown spots.

Apply Eye Cream
For refreshed-looking peepers, "eye cream is a must," says Ginn. Skin around the eyes is thinner than elsewhere on the body, and as you age it becomes even thinner, which can result in under-eye circles and hollowing. Ginn says to look for an eye cream or serum with vitamins A, C, E, or K, which help repair the skin and lighten dark circles. If you use a serum, you'll need a light eye cream on top of that to keep the skin hydrated.

Switch Up Your Sleep Sides
Ginn says she can tell what side a patient sleeps on because that half of her face has more fine lines. Some experts recommend anti-wrinkle pillows, but before you go to the expense, Ginn recommends starting out the night on the side you don't usually sleep on. Even if you end up flipping over in your sleep -- which you probably will -- you'll spend less time with one side of your face smooshed into the pillow. Or try sleeping on your back.

Be Happy
Ginn emphasizes that to look good, you need to feel good. "A happy face -- the lines are so worth it," says Ginn. "Just take time to enjoy life. What's going on on the inside is surely going to reflect on the outside." So spend a few minutes reading a funny book or watching a humorous YouTube clip (may we suggest "Charlie Bit My Finger"?), go for a walk, call a friend, or enjoy a piece of exquisite dark chocolate. All in the name of beauty!

Hand and Foot Beauty Tips
Your face isn't the only skin that needs tender loving care. Check out these expert for perfecting your tootsies and hands at night.
Foot care. A few nights per week, rub your toes and heels with a lotion containing 12% lactic acid, which helps slough off dry skin. Top this lotion with a heavier cream, such as one made with shea butter or glycerin. Then slip on a pair of socks over the creams and call it a night. However, Ginn warns against wearing socks every night as the warm, moist environment is the perfect environment for fungal infections.
Hand care. It's hard to use a heavy-duty hand cream during the day without leaving greasy residue all over your computer keyboard and work papers. So at night, break out the big guns, like shea butter. Slather it into your hands and cuticles before hitting the hay.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

AirAsia offer to Phuket, The Phuket Mania.

Air Asia Phuket Mania Promotion 2011

Check out the AirAsia offer to Phuket, The Phuket Mania. This is the great chance for you to book your room from RM79.

Extravaganza! Stay 3 and pay 2 in Hard Rock Cafe hotel (Penang & Bali)
Package also include Fly &Stay (Return + Hotel + All Tax included) from RM199.
Book now till 31 Jan 2011 and travel from 16 Apr – 31 Oct 2011

Company: AirAsiaGo
Sales: 25 Jan 2011 – 31 Jan 2011

Monday, January 24, 2011

Fasa baru bermula...Melaka ke Penang

Interview hari Isnin 17/1..
Hari Khamis dapat panggilan untuk mula bekerja.

Dalam gembira ada sedih sebab......


apapun hidup harus diteruskan.

Misi utama sekarang: Siapkan tesis sebelum mula bekerja di Penang

P/s: Sedang mencari-cari bilik sewa di Penang yang berdekatan dengan Bayan Baru dan Bayan Lepas
sebab tempat kerja di FIZ 1..

siapa yang nak sewa bersama-sama saya?hehehe

Friday, January 14, 2011


Hari Isnin depan..... 
17/1/11 aku ada interview di pulau
Pulau Pinang...huhu

Bertempat di Amphenol, Bayan Lepas..
Wish me luck ok :)

Tak sabar nak tunggu hari Selasa nanti.hehe

Nak sangat pos yang aku mintak ni. Mintak2 dapatlah. Amin

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Perunding rambut kepada Seni kait (crochet)

Mula-mula sekali soalan yang perlu ditanya..
"Bagaimanakah aku boleh terjun kedalam bidang ini?"

Semua..dan segala Punca masalah aku tetap datang dari Mawaddah a.k.a blog Santai
Muahahaha..jangan marah ye sayang (means Mawaddah..sape2 taktau makna Mwaddah lekas cari)

Demam Jang Geun Suk (you're beautiful) datang dari Adah, crochet pun begitu juga.

"Kenapa aku mudah terpengaruh?"
Kerana Adah adalah teman sebilik aku lagipun 24jam aku asyik HADAP dia je, tapi tak Fed up fed up ;p
Betul itu satu fakta.
Dah lapan tahun kenal dari aku belajar degree dulu..
satu kos masa degree dan satu lab masa master...
dan dari degree ke master tetap duk satu rumah.
Kejap gaduh kejap baik..dan begitulah seterusnya.....TIPU kalau kata tak pernah gaduh kan sayanggggg ;p wekk

NI dah banyak mengarut pasal Mawaddah pulak. 
Berbalik kepada crochet, nak tunjuk hasil kerja tangan keras aku yang dah cantik.
Yang tak cantik aku tak mau tunjuk sebab dah taknampak mana aku letak.
Aku buat bunga crochet je, yang lain2 taknak buat sebab complicated je n wat aku pening..hehehe

Peralatan yang diperlukan untuk meng crochet adalah

1)Tangan manusia bernama Mawaddah
2)Yarn (benang kait) - cari sampai jumpa kat Mydin MITC
3)Hook - ni pulak cari kat kedai jahit menjahit

Setelah dah agak lenguh bahu2 mengcrochet,
Maka akan terhasillah bunga-bunga yang macam pelangi ;p

headphone dan patung jepun sebagai hiasan sahaja :)
Bunga tu kita boleh letak di pendrive

di handphone...dah siap digantung jadi tak nmpklah hp ye ;p

di kunci kereta kancil...(tu adah yang bagi)

di baju korea

tadaaa...antik angattt (puji sendiri aka angkat bakul sendri)..hahaha

bunga ni juga bole wat kat sepit rambut, headband..macam2 la.

Itu saja laporan saya pada malam ini.

p/s: kalo rajin aku nak wat sarung bantal bunga2...rajinkah?hehehe

Cont....20 Best Kept Hair Secrets


11)Use Gentle Color to Cover Grays

Hair doesn't only go gray as we get older – it also becomes weaker and grows more slowly. That means damaged hair won't be snipped off as quickly by haircuts. Chemicals used on "mature" hair should be weaker to avoid damage, says dermatologist Zoe Draelos, MD editor of the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology.

12) Neutralize Frizz in Winter, Too

Humidity gets the rap for causing frizzy bad hair days. But there's more static electricity in low humidity. This means frizz also flies in winter months and in the desert climates of the Southwest. Use conditioner to neutralize the static electricity. Shampoos that are pH-balanced also can calm the frizz of chemically treated hair.

13) Keep Brushes Away from Your Curls

Curly hair is more likely to break and become dry and brittle. Gently using a pick keeps curls looking better than combing or brushing. Conditioners with polymers such as polyvinylpyrrolidone can smooth hair and make it more manageable. Don't overdo the use of flat-irons and relaxers, which can damage hair.

14)Avoid Extreme Color Changes

Perhaps you're a brunette who always wanted to be a blonde, or a blonde who wants to go darker. Be aware that you're risking damage to your hair with more extreme color changes. Some dermatologists recommend staying within three shades of your natural color.

15)Get the Facts About Hair Dye

Frequent dying can damage the hair, but it does not appear to harm your health. Most studies indicate no link between cancer and hair dyes, and in other studies the evidence is weak, the American Cancer Society says. The greatest concerns were raised about semi-permanent and oxidative permanent dyes that are dark brown or black. Consider using lead acetate-based dyes or natural dyes such as henna.

16) Give the Blow Dryer a Rest

Frequent blow-drying is hard on your hair and can actually lead to hair loss. When you do blow dry, turn down the heat. Finer hair is especially sensitive to damage from heat, but even thick manes need some tender care. Protect your hair before styling by using a conditioner.

17)Protect Hair from the Sun

The sun is no kinder to your hair than it is to your skin. Sun exposure can dry out hair, especially if it's color-treated. Use a light hair spray with SPF protection – or wear a hat when the sun is strongest. Frequent summer trims can keep your ends looking healthy.

18) Shower Before You Swim

Avoid chlorine damage by rinsing your hair before entering the pool. If your hair is already saturated with water, it won't absorb as much from the chemical-laden pool. Use a pH-balancing hair product to further protect your hair.

19) Take a Time Out from Styling

For better hair days, the best thing you can do is – nothing. All the tugging, combing, brushing, drying, and chemically treating of hair damages the shafts. Even vigorous towel-drying can damage hair. If you have damaged hair, take a break from styling. As the damaged hair grows out, the new growth will be healthy.

20) Be Aware of Changes in Your Hair

Sudden changes in your hair, such as brittle hair or hair loss, could be a sign of a health problem. For example, hair loss can be caused by thyroid disease, iron deficiency, or an autoimmune disease. Some medications can cause hair loss, too. If you have a concern about changes in the condition of your hair, see a dermatologist.

20 Best Kept Hair Secrets

1) Boost Thin Hair with Silicone
Thin, lifeless hair is one of the most common hair complaints, yet few women know the best remedy. Heavy conditioners just leave hair limp. A better bet is to use products with silicone, such as dimethicone or cyclomethicone. These coat the strands with a thin film, creating fuller hair that doesn't look greasy. The silicone stays put even after you rinse.

2) Eat Fish and Nuts for Healthy Hair

The same nutritious foods that are good for your body promote stronger, healthier hair. The protein and omega-3 fatty acids in salmon and nuts produce a healthier scalp. Nutrients found in leafy vegetables, beans, and carrots are also good for your hair. Beware of fad diets aimed at quick weight loss. Deficiency of some nutrients, such as zinc, biotin, or protein, can lead to brittle hair or hair loss.

3) Protect Shine with Lukewarm Water

Hot water can strip the scalp of sebum, which is the protective oil that acts as a natural conditioner and gives hair its shine. This doesn't mean you have to suffer through cold showers to avoid dull hair. Instead, use lukewarm water to wash your hair. Pamper the scalp by massaging it while you shampoo.

4) Mend Split Ends with Protein

Frequent hair styling, coloring, bleaching, or perming can damage hair's protective outer layer, known as the cuticle. The result is what we call "split ends." Thankfully, there are hair products to help mend the damage. Look for conditioners that contain protein. They actually penetrate the hair shaft and repair split ends. The fix only lasts until the next shampoo, so you'll need to use it regularly.

5) Get that "Redhead Bounce"

The fullness of your hair is in your genes – and your styling technique. Natural redheads have thicker hair, while blondes have the thinnest but greatest number of hairs. Luckily, you can enhance your hair's volume whatever its color. Use a leave-in conditioner or mousse and dry the root area first. If your hair is very fine, use a low-heat setting when drying, curling, or straightening.

6) Don't Treat Dandruff with Oils

Dandruff isn't caused by a dry scalp, but by an inflammatory process that affects the scalp. Rubbing oil into the scalp can make the inflammation worse, resulting in more unsightly white flakes. That's why medicated shampoos – either over-the-counter or from a dermatologist – can best treat dandruff. Just be sure to rinse thoroughly after using medicated shampoo.

7) Skip High-Powered Blow Dryers

You might expect a blow dryer with higher wattage to slice a few precious minutes off your styling routine. But in a comparison of blow dryers, Consumer Reports found they all dried hair in about the same amount of time. Some are much noisier than others, though. The consumer research group found the more expensive dryers were the quietest, and the noisiest were as loud as a lawn mower.

8) Brush Less to Limit Hair Loss

Don't believe that myth about 100 brush strokes a day. Too much brushing will snap off hairs. Some hair loss is normal – most people lose an average of 50 to 100 hairs every day. These are hairs that have stopped growing and have reached the resting stage. To minimize additional hair loss, use a brush with ball-tipped bristles and avoid brushing while the hair is wet.

 muahaha...ada sesape ke nak wat rambut cam gini..
cacing-cacing je aku nampak..yarksss ker

9) Avoid Styles that Damage Hair

Tight ponytails and braids can break off hair and damage the hair follicle. Continuous pulling can even lead to hair loss. Extensions add weight to the hair and also put pressure on the follicle. Dermatologists recommend wearing extensions for no more than three months. Also, be aware that wet hair is more fragile, so you shouldn't put your hair in braids or a ponytail while it's wet.

10) Don't Let Brands Clean Your Wallet

What are you really getting for extra money spent on specialty products? They may contain natural botanicals, but that may not mean better style. Consumer Reports tested products on 1,700 ponytail samples and found that the more expensive shampoos didn't perform better than cheaper ones. What is important: Choose shampoos and conditioners designed for your hair type, such as those for oily, fine, or color-treated hair.

to be continue...

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Hari ni baru berkesempatan nak pergi pejabat pos.

Semua sekali ada LAPAN bungkusan.
Rekod paling banyak setakat ni.
Rekod bayaran pun paling mahal setakat ni. Total RM54.00. Semua guna pos laju.
Biar customer semua puas hati dan beli lagi..ekekeke.

Paling minimum biasanya RM5.67 harga satu parcel yang kurang dari 500gram.
Abang pejabat pos tu terkejut bila aku sebut ada lapan bungkusan..
sebab dalam tangan aku dia nampak ada tiga je. So dia ingat ada 3. hehehe.

Semua bungkusan aku balut guna kertas minyak disebabkan pejabat pos Durian Tunggal takde sediakan plastik pos laju.
Pejabat pos Simpang Renggam ada je plastik pos laju walaupun sistem pernomboran belum diperkenalkan sepertimana durian tunggal.
Takperlu dah nak beratur panjang2 kat pos Durian Tunggal ni..bole duduk..rileks.

Hari ni juga ada satu customer yang baru nak ambil bungkusan dia dekat Pejabat pos Larkin.
Sepatutnya selamat hantar ke rumah minggu lepas dah tapi disebabkan kesengalan aku yang hari tu kelam kabut nak isi borang pos laju, teruss aku salah alamat dah.

Next time akan lebih hati-hati masa rekod alamat. Kesian dekat customer. Minta maaf bebanyak.. :)


Demam Jung Geuk Suk aku dah reda dah...
Takde dah asyik nak wat research kat youtube je 24jam cari pasal dia..

Reda tak reda tapi tadi aku tengok cerita Marry Me! Mary!...hoho
Merry Christmas!. Tak pasal2.
Astro KBS channel 391..hehehe
Setiap Isnin dan Selasa pukul 9mlm lebih kurang. 
Ulang tayang hari Sabtu kalo sape2 yang termiss disebabkan busy mengchrocet
Tapi pada aku You're Beatiful lagi umphhh gitu.hoho

Masuk cerita pasal lain pulak.

Aku kan jual baju korea, ada satu baju ni cardigan warna hitam makcik aku order satu dengan aku.
Aku ni jenis kalo orang order satu, aku akan order lebih dari satu (means dua je n xleh lebih..mahal). 
Manalah tahu kot2 nanti ada customer lain yang nak order pulak kan.
Sebab baju2 yang aku dapat dari supplier ni cepat benor out of stock.
Jadi baik sediakan payung sebelum hujan.

Yang membuatkan aku regret bila dapat baju tu hari ini, aku dapati lengan dia sangattttt lah kecik dan ketat.
Buat muka ketat '____''

Lubang lengan dia kecik benor bila aku sarung. Aku punya lengan dah ar gagah perkasa. 
Sebab lama dah tak wat bumping jadi otot mengembang di lengan dan peha sahaja. Tak larat dah nak sambung taekwando or karatedo walaupun aku minat sangat.
Kalo aku tak muat. makcik aku lagilah tak muat.
Nilah dia bajunya. Cantik bukan?
Jadi kalo ada sesiapa yang bersaiz lengan kecil molek dan berminat nak beli cardigan hitam ni boleh contact aku. Murah2 je aku jual. Email ke ok.

Nak lawat facebook d'Rainbow closet pun boleh. Guna email diatas. 
Jadi bolelah jumpa awek2 korea yang cun walaupun tak berniat nak beli tak pakcik 
(merujuk ke pak usop)..muahaha. Bila aku tayang baju korea sahaja tanpa model, pakcik aku boleh tanya "baju dah gantung mana model dia pergi????
Banyakk betul tanda soal dia tu...
kang kena tido luar rumah baru tahu... hahaha

 p/s:dah berangan nak ada blackberry ni..huhuhu

Monday, January 10, 2011

Blackberry murah

Maxis sedang mengadakan pakej promosi Blackberry sekarang.
Anda dan saya mampu memiliki Balckberry 8520 dengan hanya RM99 sahaja.

Adik aku dah pakai, pakwe comelku dah pakai, aku takleh pakai...anda bila lagi?
Anda disini lebih merujuk kepada Mawaddah dan Zakiah..
korang dah ada baru best berBBM bersama2 ye tak.
Boleh mengumpat bersama bercerita bersama gelak bersama dan...mcm2 

Jom tengok pakej blackberry yang paling murah sekali (wajib didahulukan).

Pakej 2 tahun

Harga Blackberry 8520: RM99
Monthly Fee: RM140 
(For 3GB Blackberry internet services-BIS PRO and Principle line)

Tapi kalau nak yang up lagi..better ambik yang Bold 9780 (pingin yang ni sih..huhu)

Pakej 2 tahun

Harga Blackberry Bold 9780: RM999 
(perbezaan dengan 8520-tambahkan angka 9 jeeee dibelakang. Murah bukan?...muahaha)

Monthly Fee: RM140 
(For 3GB Blackberry internet services-BIS PRO and Principle line)

Jadi jangan berlengah-lengah lagi..pergi dapatkan SEGERA!!! SEBELUM KECEWA :(

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Samb...Jang Geun Suk

Ohhh.............. Demam Jang Geun Suk tak reda-reda lagi ni...
Mawaddah...kemari kau..
(aku Demam tapi hakikatnya sihat sejahtera~ tapi Mawaddah yang tengah selsema sekarang)
cepat2 sembuh ok, teman  sebantal x sebilik sekatil(masa degree dulu~Syhhhh)
sekarang je sebilik
I got something to show u..
This is very important
scroll ke bawah banyak banyak ye

Too damn SeXy EditioN 

Jom tengok
Videos of Jang Geun Suk on Bed

Nasib baik tido pakai boxer..kalo tak, 
memang video ni tak upLOAD lah dah..hehe

lagi satu video nak upload sebelum tuan puteri nak masuk beradu jap lagi

Jom kita singgah rumah Jang Geun Suk
Rumah dia sangat besarrrrrrrrrrr
Dapur lagiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii besar dari bilik tidur
Alangkah bagus kalau aku jadi maid dia pun dah cukup dah...
Maid yang ada master....pandai memasak,mengemas,menGURUT,mengemop,mengait,mengcrochet
Good meh...Muahaha..
sebut pasal crochet nanti nak tunjuk hasil kerja tangan keras aku.. videonya...nite all...

tengah baik hati ni...nak upload lagi satu..
ada subtitle english,so don't worry
KBS 2FM Radio - Park Shin Hye & Jang Keun Suk

jangan lupa tekan butang cc untuk subtitle ye....mawaddah!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Jatuh cinta

Walaupun jauh dimata tapi dekat dihati..cewahhh
Sila muntah...haha

Ada siapa2 Kenal?..hehe
Jatuh cinta dengan siDia..Jan Geuk Suk (hensem dan comel gitu)

Ni semua gara-gara aku berjangkit tertengok cerita You're Beautiful dari Mawaddah..yaaaa n yeay!!
Dalam masa satu hari je aku habiskan 16 episod..
Tak caya tanya adah..aku kalau dah minat tengok cerita korea ke, baca novel ke memang sanggup tak tidur or makan.
...dan alangkah bagusnya kalau aku praktiskan tabiat aku ni masa buat tesis! tapi tak jalan..huhu

Sedikit biodata Jang Geuk Suk..
(buat researh2 ni memang aku suka, tu sebab ambik master by research ni...sukaaaa sgt la)

-Anak Tunggal.
-Bakat dikesan semasa mak n ayah dia nak jual rumah oleh orang yg nak beli rumah tu. Masa tu baby lagi
-Lahir 4.8.1987 (muda 3 tahun dari aku...huhu)
-Tinggi 182cm
-Jenis darah A
-Pelakon, model sejak dari kecil...harap2 lepas ni keluarkan album solo sebab suara dia memang sedap walaupun aku tak paham sepatah haram
dan yang paling penting

Tentu awek2 diluar sana berasa lega bila dapat tahu ini jawapan beliau bila soalan yang diajukan:

Do you have a girlfriend? How many relationships have you been in?
No, although I’d like to. I’ve loved two women in my life. One relationship lasted for about four years and a half, the other lasted about three years. I even dated when I was in high school. My type would be women like Jun In-hwa. I like benevolent and calm women.

*this was his ex girlfriend when he was 16*

Ni antara iklan yang comel2 gitu

ada banyak lagi..pergi cari sendiri kat youtube..haha

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Morning everyone..
Wish you all a Happy New Year and hope that 2011 brings you much success and prosperity in all your endeavors
So today the day I'm going to announce the winner for

(Drum roll please...hehe)

1st Place

2nd Place

Congratulations to both of you!

d'Rainbow Closet Big December Giveaway!!!!

Salam Semua
Benda Kat Bawah Ni....

 i decided to give it away... for FREE!! read it rite... for FREE
but hey, i need you to do something for me first!
the below is how you could win one of the below....
Bagi sesiapa yang ada blog (bloggers):
1. Be a follower of
misdalila and d'Rainbow Closet- so far baru ada 11! sob..sob
2. Link this blogs in your blog list
3. Do an entry of this giveaway...anyway u want it.. with a little bit of d'Rainbow closet shop review.
Header d'Rainbow Closet letak sekali k... :)

Finally, copy and paste your permanent blog post URL link to this post comment

For those without a blog :
1. Be a Friends of d'Rainbow closet di Facebook- so far we have 653 :D :D
2. Email this blog URL and the entry to 7 friends and cc
(i will reply the mail to ensure the mail adds are valid :P) 
or post this entry in your facebook@website
3. email me the url of the link :-) 
Bagi mereka yang buat kedua-dua cara, you will entitle for 2 entries!!!

Giveaway starts now at 12pm Dec 20th 2010 
(My Besday..26 years YOUNG hehe)
and it will end on Jan 1st 2011 11.59pm.
we will work hard to look for the most creative most friendly entry and give away the items below to the winner
p.s. will also update the winner entry here in this blog

1st Place
worth RM39

2nd Place
 Purple colour. Worth RM39


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