Sunday, March 7, 2010

Pulau Langkawi Kedah

Pertama kali pengalaman menjejakkan kaki di pulau ni. Dah tua baru dapat pergi..sadis betul rasa..hehe.itupun bukan pergi dengan family sendiri tapi dengan family orang lain...tak malu betul budak ni kan.ish2.memang banyak tempat2 yang menarik untuk dilawati..tak cukup kalo pergi 3 hari je..If you're chocolate lover please dont' bring small bags..otherwise you have to buy an extra bags..but dont' worry all item sold here are duty-free.

This is what i Do
Islands Hopping - For about RM 30 you can join the islands hopping. You will be brought to several islands around Langkawi, usually the Pregnant Maiden Island and Pulau Beras Basah. A dive into the cool deep Pregnant Maiden Lake is a must. The island hopping takes about 4 hours and tours usually leave at 9.30AM and 2.30PM. This is a very popular and sought after service, inquire from the hotel. They have pick-up service from your hotel.

• Birdwatching - there are over 200 species of birds to spot.

• Take the Cable Car to the summit of Gunung Mat Cincang at 700m to walk across the sky bridge and have a spectacular view of the islands including neighbouring Thailand. Valuable Trip. RM30 per adult. Includes a very steep section which is spectacular both going up and coming down. Doesn't operate in bad weather, so call 04-9594225 to check if they are open. If they are not operating or you are really into hiking there is a jungle trek to the first station of the cable car. From the parking lot at Telagah Tujuh go left just before the road goes really uphill and the turn left again at the water reservoir. The trek is very steep most of the way and in a pretty bad condition because the contractors laying down the piping for cables littered garbages all the way to the top. Only attempt it if you are fit and have good hiking boots.

Buy / Shopping- Langkawi is the best place to shop ever
Langkawi is a duty-free island,offering an attractive range of goods. Hotel tariffs and retail goods are exempt from government duty. Visitors with more than 48 hours stay in Langkawi are exempt on items like wines and liquor (1 liter), tobacco (200 cigarettes), apparel, cosmetics, souvenirs and gifts, food and food preparations and portable electronic items (one item). Video cassettes require clearance from customs.
Shop around before buying: the airport is probably the most expensive place to buy anything. Shop in Kuah town for batik, tobacco products and chocolate confectioneries.
• Kuah Town night market. The local market is held once per week. Walk through the market to enjoy the sights, smells and tastes. Well worth a visit.
• KV Tobacco Enterprise. A small but well stocked tobacco and cigar shop just 10 minutes walk away from Kuah town, in an old shopping area called the Trimula. Knowledgeable and friendly shop owner. Remember to try out the "Geopark Blend" pipe tobacco that local pipe smokers will highly recommend. Opens from 1PM-6PM (free instant coffee and tea self-serve);9PM-midnight.

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