Tuesday, March 16, 2010


This week is school holidays and i really miss my home in Simpang Renggam, Kluang. I would like to see how my brothers doing..is he fine or not.

Yesterday i just find out that my brother, Farhan had an accident. Actually he is in standard five..and he was ignoring my advice and my father advice for not riding a motorbike..

Am I suppose to go back home? i only have two weeks to submit my thesis..there's still a lot of work to do.

Maybe I can just drive back home for 2 days and come back to Melaka to finish my works..and i hope when I'm back home everything will be alright..because right now I cannot do a single things...there is always Farhan there and Thesis Here in my mind....and I also miss my cats and my chubby Bob..he's always left me alone here in Melaka and making me sad..sob2..ok Dalila..its enough..going to be so emotional tonight.hehe


  1. Balik lah kejap..kalo ati xder kat cni...xper kat umah pn boley wt thesis gak kan..sabar yer..dugaan di saat2 akhir ni..

  2. Yezza...Lgpon ko ade kt sini pon, ati tak tenteram kn (plus farhan accident n bob xder)...bile blik skurng2nye leh tgk farhan n leh wat thesis kt umah..kuat kn la semngt tuh...



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